Eve Kalinik: Food Pairings

We recently joined forces with nutritionist Eve Kalinick to create a range of three delicious products, we asked Eve for some recommendations on how she would use them and here are her suggestions...


Apple, Ginger & Cardamom Sauce

Spoon this generously over natural Greek yogurt, or add as a winning topping to porridges or overnight oats. It can also be used as a glorious filling for pancakes or on top of waffles, or even spread over buttery sourdough toast. It also works really well as a traditional side to roast pork.


Beetroot & Red Onion

A delicious way to enjoy this ferment is to add it to wild rice and feta with fresh herbs, or mix it with puy lentils and add a tahini and lemon juice dressing. It also works really well in a gorgonzola sourdough toastie or anywhere where you want to add a touch of colour or a slightly sweet hint of flavour. 


Spiced Cauliflower

This Spiced Cauliflower ferment works really well as a side condiment to lamb chops or pan-fried cod, or when added to a frittata, or mixed through couscous and chickpeas for a plant-based bowl. Basically though if you just want to add a bit of a kick to any dish just add a few spoonfuls of this spicy number to the side.