Purple Sprouting Broccoli

January isn’t a great time in the gardens at Worminster Farm but at least we can celebrate the PSB as it miraculously ‘flowers’ and comes into its own - especially surprising after morning frosts. 

Our SPROUTING BROCCOLI recipe was created in partnership with the award-winning author @thomeagle one of the UK’s leading voices on fermentation. While many of our recipes are perfectly simple to make this one is not. After harvesting the broccoli, it is important to apply some urgency in getting the florets with their tender stalks and surrounding leaves into seasoned water and blanch for just 30-45 seconds. Then, quickly drain and start a relatively short (about 1 week) fermentation followed by a more conventional pickling in cider vinegar with chilli flakes, mustard seeds, cumin and turmeric.

Like other vegetables with a bit of colour, we also know that it has been found to contain higher contents of antioxidant compounds compared with green broccoli.

We think this pickle is delicious with various cheeses or a charcuterie board. It also works well as a side dish alongside some oily fish or added to a salad, but we prefer it as a pre-supper nibble to help whet the appetite, especially when served with a crisp white wine or rosé.